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Digital North showcase event


The Health Innovation Network Digital North Accelerator Programme Showcase Event is focused on Innovations that support Cardiovascular Disease. The event will bring together innovators, healthcare professionals, and thought leaders to explore the latest advancements in digital solutions for healthcare.

We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker is Dr Rani Khatib, Consultant Cardiology Pharmacist, A / Professor, NICE HF QS, NHSE National Champion AAC, ESC ACNAP, UKCPA Cardiac Chair.

Four SMEs have been selected for the 2024 cohort:

  • Addvantage Technologies
  • PocDoc
  • Iplato
  • CheqUp

Find out more about the cohort and programme in our Digital North brochure




Date: 23 July

Time: 10:00am -12:00pm