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West Yorkshire Digital Ambassador’s Programme launches second cohort

Posted: 18th December 2023

Expressions of interest have been extended for the West Yorkshire Digital Ambassador Programme.

The programme, born from a partnership between the West Yorkshire Digital Primary Care Collaborative and Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber, on behalf of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, will run virtually from early 2024.Card in the WY ICB colours showing the extension of expression of interest for the digital ambassadors programme until 2 January 2024

Aimed at the primary care workforce, the programme is designed to strengthen the digital innovation, transformation, and improvement skills of the primary care workforce, covering a wide array of topics and features guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Each session provides a blend of real-world insights and theoretical knowledge on how to drive and facilitate the adoption of digital innovation and transformation within the realm of primary care.

While the program primarily focuses on the role of digital innovation and the conditions for success, it also champions the vital importance of patient and public involvement, co-design, and the reduction of health inequalities in the process of safeguarding the future of healthcare services.

Programme information

The commitment will be two hours per week, for each session, with some pre and post module activities.

The programme will run virtually for nine consecutive weeks, from 9 January 2024 to the 12 March 2024, taking place every Tuesday from 12:30 to 14:30.

The programme at a glance:

Week 1: Understanding the NHS and your role in it

Week 2: Introduction to digital technologies and innovation

Week 3: Understanding digital readiness

Week 4: Understanding the governance and legislation that support digital transformation and innovation

Week 5: Inclusive digital transformation and co-design: exploring how technology can be used to create an environment that is accessible and inclusive for everyone

Week 6: Digital innovation and the art of the possible

Week 7: How to successfully measure the impact change and how this can help to develop a case for change or a business case

Week 8: How digital innovation and transformation can help to reduce inequity and inequalities in health

Week 9: Ambassador’s network and course reflections: consolidating and reflecting upon the lessons learnt in the previous modules.


  “I felt engaged the whole time which can be hard when doing this online.”

“I really liked the in-depth explanations of each pillar & key topics.”

“Facilitator was extremely engaging and clearly passionate in their role.”

How to apply

Please complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

The deadline for applications has now been extended to 2 January 2024 (11pm)

For a more comprehensive overview of the course structure and approach, a prospectus is available upon request, by emailing: