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Fewer side effects for prostate surgery patients

Posted: - 29th October 2019

In Yorkshire and the Humber, 155 men underwent prostate surgery using the Urolift procedure in six hospitals as a result of our work to encourage trusts to adopt this Innovation Technology Tariff (ITT) procedure. These patients were treated as day cases, reducing the need for overnight stays and associated costs.

Urolift is an alternative surgical procedure for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) available through the ITT. BPH is a common and chronic condition where the enlarged prostate can make it difficult for a man to pass urine, leading to urinary tract infections, urinary retention, and in some cases renal failure

Following the procedure, patients return home after a few hours, typically without a catheter, and follow-up is normally by telephone. Patients have significantly fewer side effects (notably 0% risk of permanent sexual dysfunction) and post-operative complications, such as infection and bleeding, compared with existing alternatives. The procedure is increasingly carried out under a local anaesthetic.

Benefits for the NHS include:

• Improved bed capacity
• Improved theatre capacity
• Improved outpatient capacity
• Reduced incidence of post-operative complications and readmissions following surgery
• Reduce burden on waiting times
• Cost savings through reduction in post-operative complications and readmissions