About Us

Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber is one of 15 organisations set up by NHS England to operate as the key innovation arm of the NHS.

Across the country, we act as a bridge between health care providers, commissioners, academia and industry. By connecting these sectors, we help to build a pipeline of solutions for the NHS from research and product development through to implementation and commercialisation.

Locally we work in partnership with our regional health and care community and develop projects, programmes and initiatives that reflect the diversity and meet the needs of our local populations and health care challenges.

We understand the needs of our health systems and are well placed to broker innovative solutions, while collaborating with other Health Innovation Networks across England to take what works best and quickly spread it nationally.

At Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber we believe in the power of new ideas to improve lives and our ambition is to work together with all our partners to make life better for the people in our region by improving their health and care and by creating a thriving economy for everyone.

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Our Mission is to transform lives through innovation

Our Vision is to improve the health and prosperity of our region by unlocking the potential of new ideas.

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Certified Member of the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter

The West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter is an ambitious new initiative to support and celebrate the great employers across our region. Pink black and purple Fair Work Charter logo

It has been designed for employers of all sizes and across all sectors, to promote and recognise the positive impact of fair work on businesses and their people.

Fair work can include good pay, fair and flexible working conditions, as well as greater wellbeing, diversity, and social mobility within the workplace. It’s about helping you turn your good business into a great one.