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Reducing problematic Polypharmacy in frailty

Posted: - 21st January 2020

Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is working in partnership with South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (ICS) to undertake a quality improvement project to reduce problematic polypharmacy in older people who have frailty

This project is part of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS’s commitment to make real and long-lasting improvements to the health of local people by piloting medication reviews for people with polypharmacy in all of the Clinical Commissioning Groups within the region.

Why are we doing it?

As we are living longer with more chronic and long-term diseases, it is becoming increasingly common for people to experience problematic polypharmacy.

Problematic polypharmacy is when people experience problems either in the number of medicines that they are taking or clinical challenges around the combination of medicines that they are taking, or both. Polypharmacy simply means taking many medicines on a long-term basis.

Next Steps

In conjunction with the Bradford University School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN will be evaluating this project with a view to rolling out this methodology across the region to improve the quality of life for even more people.

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