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Reducing the need for invasive procedures

Posted: - 29th October 2019

875 patients have avoided the need for an invasive angiogram as a result of our commitment to spread the Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) programme procedure – HeartFlow.

HeartFlow is a non-invasive procedure that creates a personalised 3D model of the coronary arteries and analyses the impact that blockages have on blood flow.

Three trusts in our region have adopted the procedure – Hull, Sheffield and Leeds, with 1,094 scans carried out across the region since 2018/19.

The hospitals have seen reduced waiting times for diagnostic tests of coronary heart disease, and we have achieved our overall spread target with the sites in Hull, Sheffield and most recently, Leeds, now ‘live’ and using the new procedure.

Heartflow enables clinicians to identify significant coronary artery disease and determine the optimal treatment pathway thereby significantly cutting health care costs and leading to improved patient experiences and quality of life. Statistics show that more than half of patients who undergo invasive angiogram tests have no significant coronary blockage.

Watch our video below for more details.