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Tookie Ltd: helping patients to lead #ALifeMoreNomal

Posted: - 4th November 2019

Tookie is an award-winning medical device, design and development company that addresses patients’ un-met needs by delivering solutions in the form of wearable technology.

We have supported Tookie Ltd with the development of its apparel for paediatric oncology patients and its subsequent development for application in other clinical areas.

The problem

Thousands of children in the UK are being treated for cancer, with many having their central lines accessed daily to administer medicine and monitor health. Approximately £19 million is spent each year on treating central line infection. A large proportion of this could be avoided with one simple solution – a Tookie Vest.

The Tookie Vest

The Tookie Vest is designed to provide maximum safety while providing vital protection over the patient’s body and at the exit site of the Central Venous Catheter line (CVC). Prior to the vest, there was no products available to NHS patients designed for this purpose. The Vest helps avoid any unnecessary complications, such as infection, which could arise as a result of the central line falling out. In addition to central line re-instatement being potentially hazardous and unpleasant for the child, it also causes anxiety for parents and carers and each line re-instatement costs the NHS around £3,000 (before the onset of any infection).

Tookie’s technology, which has been researched and developed with the help of patients, carers and clinicians, allows patients to lead #ALifeMoreNormal, with the knowledge their CVC line is secured safely, dramatically lowering the chance of accidental removal – relieving pressure from the NHS when line failure requires costly revisions whilst giving peace of mind to the patient, carer and parent or guardian.

How we helped/The outcome

Tookie was introduced to us through TITCH [Technology and Innovation Transforming Child Health]. It applied for funding through our ‘Proof of Concept Programme’ in 2016 and was awarded £15,000 in development funding.

This grant enabled the company to fund specialist support, consult with experts and secure access to appropriate clinical advice and guidance to ensure Tookie followed best practice. The design work funded by our grant contributed to Tookie being able to adapt the Tookie Vest for Oncology for uses in other clinical areas, including adult and child renal care and for patients with respiratory conditions.

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We are most grateful to the team at Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, who continuously support Tookie, not just with the funding that enabled Tookie to accelerate at an important stage of our development, but the wonderful subsequent support and mentoring, which has greatly assisted Tookie to navigate the NHS adoption Pathway.

Stephen Tooke, Commercial Director of Tookie Ltd

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