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British Scoliosis Research Foundation

Deadline for applications: 31st January 2020

The BSRF Research Grant is open to appropriately qualified professionals such as scientists, clinicians, and allied health professionals (nurses, psychologists or physiotherapists). The application deadlines are January 31st and August 1st each year.

All applications will be considered however, applicants are advised to submit their proposal under one of the following three headings:

This grant is designed specifically for new investigators who have a preliminary concept they would like to develop into a research project.

The maximum grant award for this category is £15 000. The maximum duration of research is one year. This grant does not require pilot data. It should, however, be able to generate pilot data that could be used when applying for a larger grant.

This grant is specifically targeted to new investigators. The maximum award is limited to £40 000; however, the duration of research may extend up to two years. Some preliminary data would be desirable although not absolutely required.

This grant is awarded a maximum of £100 000 per year up to two years’ duration. These grant applications may be in any area of spinal deformity research. These grant applications require evidence that the investigator has the experience and resources to complete the proposed research. As such, preliminary data is generally required. Such grants will be awarded only for outstanding and important research.

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