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Horizon 2020 – Science with and for Society

Deadline for applications: 15th April 2020

Fourteen new call topics under the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society programme are now accepting proposals for research examining the intersection of social policy and science research.

The Science with and for Society (SwafS) programme aims to address the European societal challenges of Horizon 2020, through both building capacities and developing innovative ways of connecting science to society. It will make science more attractive, especially to young people, increase society’s appetite for innovation, and open up further research and innovation activities.

The focus of Science with and for Society for 2018-20 is on the following five core strategic orientations:

  1. Accelerating and catalysing processes of institutional change.
  2. Stepping up the support to Gender Equality in Research & Innovation policy.
  3. Building the territorial dimension of SwafS partnerships.
  4. Exploring and supporting citizen science.
  5. Building the knowledge base for SwafS.

Each strategic orientation, as appropriate, takes into account all SwafS lines of activity: public engagement, science education (formal, informal and non-formal), gender equality, ethics/research integrity, open access/data, and governance, scientific careers, due and proportional precaution, and science communication.

The following 14 new Call Topics have now opened as part of this programme:

  1. SwafS-01-2020: Open Schooling and Collaboration on Science Education
  2. SwafS-08-2020: Research Innovation Needs & Skills Training in PhD Programmes
  3. SwafS-09-2020: Supporting Research Organisations to Implement Gender Equality Plans
  4. SwafS-14-2020: Supporting the Development of Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation
  5. SwafS-19-2020: Taking Stock and Re-examining the Role of Science Communication
  6. SwafS-23-2020: Grounding RRI in Society with a Focus on Citizen Science
  7. SwafS-24-2020: Science Education Outside the Classroom
  8. SwafS-25-2020: Gender-based Violence including Sexual Harassment in Research Organisations and Universities
  9. SwafS-26-2020: Innovators of the Future: Bridging the Gender Gap
  10. SwafS-27-2020: Hands-On Citizen Science and Frugal Innovation
  11. SwafS-28-2020: The Ethics of Organoïds
  12. SwafS-29-2020: The Ethics of Technologies with High Socio-Economic Impact
  13. SwafS-30-2020: Responsible Open Science: An Ethics and Integrity Perspective
  14. SwafS-31-2020: Bottom-Up Approach to Build SwafS Knowledge Base

Funding levels are indicative, and do not preclude the submission or selection of proposals requesting other amounts. Each topic has its own eligibility requirements, with universities, research institutes and other non-profit making organisations within Europe generally able to apply.

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