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Horizon Prize for Early Warning of Epidemics

Deadline for applications: 1st September 2020

The objectives of the prize are:

  • to develop and demonstrate a scalable, reliable and cost-effective early warning system prototype using Earth Observation data to forecast and monitor vector-borne diseases;
  • to contribute to the prevention of outbreaks mitigating their impact on local, regional and global scales and providing support to existing elimination efforts

The prize will be awarded to the entry that best addresses the following cumulative criteria:

  • Criterion 1: Operational capability and integration of existing data (Max. 40pts)
  • Criterion 2: Demonstrated implementation within an affected community (Max. 40 pts)
  • Criterion 3: Scalability and sustainability of the Early Warning Concept (Max. 20 pts)
  • Criterion 4: Focus on demonstration of European technology (Max. 20 points)

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