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NIHR: Programme Grants for Applied Competition 31

Deadline for applications: 27th November 2019

Applications are invited for Stage 1 research proposals to develop individual programmes.

Research funded through a Programme Grant typically consists of an interrelated group of high quality projects focused on a coherent theme and hence require multidisciplinary approaches, including clinical, health economics, statistics, qualitative and behavioural sciences, to ensure that research objectives can be met.

The amount awarded and the length of the funding period will depend on the nature of the proposed work, in particular whether or not the proposal includes a substantial powered trial.

Highlight notices and themed calls
Programme Grants for Applied Research is currently participating in the following highlight notice:

  • Brain Tumours

PGfAR Competition 31 is part of a programme specific call which invites programmes of research that use a diverse range of methodologies to address important health and social care questions. More information is available here

PGfAR are partnering with Versus Arthritis in the pain themed call to address its Pain Roadmap priorities in arthritis disease management and applied health research. Further information on Versus Arthritis co-funding can be found in the co-funding brief.

Click here for more information.