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Rotherham MBC: Healthwatch Rotherham

Deadline for applications: 31st October 2019

The Health and Wellbeing Board, the Local Healthwatch and the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Commissions (of which there are four which include the Health Select Commission and the Improving Lives Select Commission), have independent but complementary roles but more importantly have a shared goal to improve health, social care and wellbeing outcomes for communities in Rotherham and therefore how all three interact will have a direct influence on improving outcomes.
An overview of the operating frameworks and standards of the NHS and the Council is therefore required.
A programme of work will be developed by Healthwatch Rotherham each year based on the priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Board, local intelligence in addition to engagement and research undertaken by Healthwatch Rotherham.
Having and maintaining an in-depth understanding of the issues facing local communities in Rotherham including children and young people, other vulnerable groups and communities of interest is required.

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