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Leeds Health and Social Care Hub: West Yorkshire ICB

Written by: Leeds Health and Social Care Hub - 23rd November 2023

The Leeds Health and Social Care Hub provides a new way of collaborative working between national government and local NHS organisations and partners, including local government, social care, voluntary organisations, education and industry.

The ‘Partner Perspective’ feature series focus on the Hub partners to find out more about their organisation and why they’re part of the Leeds Health and Social Care Hub. This month we’re talking to Rob Webster, CEO of West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.

What does your organisation do?

We bring together councils, the NHS, charities and our communities to join up care and improve outcomes for people in West Yorkshire.

How are you connected to health and social care in Leeds and the wider region?

We are health and social care in Leeds and the wider region! Our Integrated Care Partnership ensures we have a strategy that focuses on the wider determinants of health (economy, employment, environment, education – having somewhere to live, someone to love and something to do) and delivering services too. The Integrated Care Board delivers the strategy with all of our partners, and backs this with c£5bn of public money.

What are your key priorities for health and social care?

A viable and sustainable system where we are:

  • Supporting our 100,000 staff, 150,000 volunteers and 400,000 carers as we live with covid and its consequences
  • Universal access to timely and effective care – for emergencies and planned care – across health and care
  • Tackling inequalities for people with mental health issues, those with a learning disability, and those living in areas of deprivation
  • Improving performance on cancer, suicide rates, maternal mortality and antimicrobial resistance
  • Having a leadership that reflects our local communities, and one that tackles systemic racism
  • Redeveloping our hospitals and health and care estate
  • Delivering a health tech, digital and innovation revolution, in line with the Mayor’s strategy, that supports everyone in West Yorkshire

Ultimately, health and care that meets the mental, physical and social needs of people by working alongside them as a partner.

Why is being a Hub partner important for you?

I’ve worked at all levels in the system – internationally, nationally and locally. I’ve enjoyed the perspective this brings on the critical role every part of the system has to play. I want our leaders to have this in their DNA, and value the contributions of everyone. The Hub gives us the opportunity to deliver this, here in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

What one word would you use to describe the Leeds Health and Social Care Hub?