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AGE-WELL and Supporting Innovation in AgeTech


If you are a ‘healthy ageing’ innovator in the UK, interested in entering the Canadian marketplace, this interactive webinar is for you. Brought to you by The AHSN Network Innovation Exchange, in partnership with the Canadian AGE-WELL network, this interactive webinar will be the first in a series of joint events hosted by Canada and England, focussing on innovation in healthy ageing.

This first AGE-WELL introductory webinar will showcase the Canadian AGE-WELL network, its approach to improving life for older adults, how it fosters effective partnerships with members of industry and the support it can provide for innovators bringing solutions to the Canadian marketplace.  This will be an interactive webinar with a goal to foster future dialogue between AGE-WELL, the AHSN Network, UK-based innovators and stakeholders in the healthcare space.


Dr. Alex Mihailidis, AGE-WELL CEO and Scientific Director @AGEWELL_ACE

Sara Aghvami, Director, Best Buy Health
Dr. Frank Knoeffel, Physician at the Bruyère Memory Program in Ottawa and Senior Investigator at the Bruyère Research Institute

Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau, CEO & Co-Founder, Welbi @welbi_co

  • Thursday 12 November, 4pm.  Register here




Date: 12 November

Time: 4pm