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Assistive Robotics and AI Enabled Technologies in Health and Social Care

Find out how the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, via the SYB Innovation Hub is creating a network supporting AI & Robotics for the future of health and social care.

About this event

Are you a health or social care commissioner, SME, innovator in academia, or healthcare professional interested in AI Enabled Assistive Robotics?

Do you want to understand current innovations and the future of AI Enabled Assistive Robotics in Health and Social Care?

If you are looking for new ways of utilising AI and Robotics in assistive care but aren’t sure of the current state of technology or innovation, then this webinar is for you. This event is an opportunity to find out more about the latest innovations and how to use AI Enabled Assistive Robotics solutions to help improve outcomes and reduce system pressures. The event is tailored for stakeholders from Yorkshire and the Humber and in particular, the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw region, with its significant assets in the Assistive Technology, AI and Robotics domains, but delegates from outside the region are also very welcome to attend.

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is keen to enhance and showcase innovations in the health and social care environment that involve AI and Assistive Robotics. It can be utilised for physical assistance, social assistance and cognitive assistance and at this event we will:

  • Share national and regional perspectives and collaboration
  • Raise awareness for the need of Robotics in health and social care
  • Showcase current innovations already in use
  • Discuss challenges and emerging technologies in social care
  • Explore new research and academic projects that point to the future potential of this technology
  • Discuss funding opportunities to support innovation in these technologies

Off the back of this event, we will identify what challenges and opportunities there are and where there is an appetite to collaborate and find ways to utilise these solutions in the future.

The session will culminate in a Q&A discussion bringing together the viewpoints of stakeholders from the public sector, NHS, academia and the commercial sector. Next steps will include the formation of a regional forum of key stakeholders working together to appraise the wider socio-economic case for commissioning these technologies in both the health and social care sectors.




Date: 18 November

Time: 10:00 -12:30pm