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COVID Oximetry at home in Yorkshire & Humber

Monitoring people for early signs of deterioration from COVID-19 has the potential to improve clinical outcomes. The National Incident and Response Board (NIRB) has approved nationwide implementation of the COVID Oximetry @home model. The Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Collaborative will be providing support and setting up a regional network.

This event is aimed at front line clinicians, senior managers and key support colleagues who will be responsible for commissioning and delivering this work.

This event will cover:
1. Background and overview of the COVID Oximetry @home programme
2. Learning from the pilot COVID virtual ward project in Tees Valley
3. Managing deterioration – the impact of early recognition and intervention on COVID-19 outcomes
4. COVID-19 in the Emergency Department
5. Post-acute COVID-19 – recognising potential complications and supporting recovery
6. Next steps – the role of the Patient Safety Collaborative

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Date: 13 November

Time: 12:00pm- 1:30pm