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£20m investment for Northern Pathology Imaging Co-operative to help diagnose disease.

Posted: 1st September 2020

The Northern Pathology Imaging- Co-operative (NPIC), based in Leeds, has received £20 million to further invest in the use of Artificial intelligence; helping to speed up the diagnosis of deadly diseases like cancer and improving outcomes for millions of patients.

NPIC is one of three Centres of Excellence, along with Coventry and London, that received funding and all three will deliver digital upgrades to pathology and imaging services across an additional 38 NHS Trusts, benefiting 26.5 million patients across England

Pathology and imaging services, including radiology, play a crucial role in the diagnosis of diseases and the funding will lead to faster and more accurate diagnosis and more personalised treatments for patients, freeing up clinicians’ time and ultimately saving lives.

National Pathology Imaging Co-operative Director and Consultant Pathologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Darren Treanor said:

“This investment will allow us to use digital pathology to diagnose cancer at 21 NHS Trusts in the North, serving a population of 6 million people. We will also build a national network spanning another 25 hospitals in England, allowing doctors to get expert second opinions in rare cancers, such as childhood tumours, more rapidly. This funding puts the NHS in a strong position to be a global leader in the use of Artificial Intelligence to diagnose disease.”

The National Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC) will boost the city’s reputation in digital pathology research further by creating a world-leading centre linking up 9 industry partners, 8 universities and 9 NHS trusts.

Yorkshire & Humber AHSN supported the bid for funding and continue to play a leadership role in the Co-operative through the place we have on its steering group.

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