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Call for action: Autism/Neurodiversity case studies wanted...

Posted: 2nd July 2020

Do you provide support to young adults (14-25) and adults who have Autism and/or Neurodiversity?

We wish to gain a better understanding of the challenges and potential opportunities for people with Autism and/or Neurodiversity preventing positive mental and physical wellbeing; including the experiences and support available to families, and carers. We are also particularly keen to hear about examples of patient and public engagement around models of care.

Examples are welcomed from a range of organisations from within the West Yorkshire and Harrogate region including; Arts and Leisure, Education, charitable organisations and Voluntary Centre Services.

Ruth Wilson, Programme Lead at the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN said: “ We have  already received  some great  examples of  work  that equips and supports  young adults  with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC)  across West Yorkshire. I’m sure there are other examples we can learn from, particularly those from the sectors listed above,  so please continue to send in details of what you have been working on, so we can learn and share from your experience.“

Care Treatment Reviews Access/support for care treatment reviews.

These could be examples of positive experiences or where there have been some challenges

Education and Training Access/support to careers guidance.

Access/support for reasonable adjustments within learning and education settings.


Employment Access/support to apprenticeship/employment opportunities

Access/ support for coaching, CV writing, interview skills etc and/or work experience


Hospital Admissions Reviews Prevention of hospital re-admissions
Living arrangements Providing people for people with a safe place to live. This could be through independent or supportive living, arrangements
Mental Health and Wellbeing Access/support for overall mental health and wellbeing, healthy living, self-care etc.

Access/support for the overall mental health and wellbeing for families and carers.

Peer Groups and Networks Access to peer groups and networks which actively aim to support mental health and wellbeing.

Access to opportunities to develop interests and talents for example arts etc.

Support to lead fulfilling lives by having friends, social life, inclusivity etc

Physical Health Access/support to undertake fitness/sporting activities

Access/support for physical health checks

Raising awareness Examples of co-produced resources and/or training (online/face to face) to raise awareness of Autism and/or Neurodiversity amongst families, carers, colleagues, peers, students etc)

 If you have examples which fall into any of the themes mentioned, then please complete our online case study form by Friday 31 July 2020.