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Calling UK and Canadian businesses: The UK-Canada AgeTech Innovation Exchange

Posted: 3rd January 2023

The UK Canada AgeTech Innovation Exchange programme represents a consortium of organisations across the UK and Canada, working together to improve the health and well-being of older people in the UK and Canada by supporting innovation in healthy ageing.

The programme is funded by UKRI’s Innovate UK and includes the following partners:

UK Partners:

Canadian Partners:

Competition details:

The UK-Canada AgeTech Innovation Exchange programme will launch an open competition on January 3, 2023, with a closing date of February 3, 2023. Companies from the UK and Canada are invited to apply for funding to participate in an international exchange visit or for a place on a virtual support programme, supported by partners that have in-depth knowledge of the healthy ageing innovation ecosystems within each country.

Following a robust selection process, the winning 8 UK companies and (up to) 5 winning Canadian companies will participate in an in-person international exchange visit. UK companies will be awarded a grant of £2000 and Canadian companies will be awarded a grant of up to $2500 Canadian Dollars towards travel, subsistence and accommodation for the visits. The visits will include:

In the UK: Support for Canadian innovators who have their product on the market and are seeking support to conduct real world evaluation or establish their product on the market in the UK. During the visit, a structured 2-4 day support programme will be provided by the northern Academic Health Science Networks. This visit is likely to take place in June 2023 (to be confirmed), to coincide with the NHS Confed/Expo conference in Manchester.

In Canada: Support for UK innovators who have their product on the market and are seeking support from Canadian partners to conduct real world evaluation or establish their product in Canada. A workshop programme provided by AGE-WELL and CABHI partners will be offered to all inbound UK innovators.

2. A virtual company support programme:

Up to 25 companies from each country will be selected to participate in virtual international programmes designed to help these companies refine and develop their offer/value proposition. This will include:

UK support for Canadian companies: An in-depth 1-1 diagnostic review will be conducted for up to 25 companies, alongside virtual networking and webinars provided for the group.
Canadian support for UK companies: A structured virtual support programme will be provided for up to 25 UK companies

A seminar and events programme open to both UK and Canadian organisations interested in AgeTech. If you are interested in being notified of these virtual events, please register your interest here

The scope of innovations:

The challenges associated with healthy ageing are variable and complex, demanding innovative, real-world solutions. Innovations covering the following challenge areas within an ageing population would potentially be within scope for this competition:

1. Ageing at Home

  • Digital lifestyle interventions
  • Smart homes and voice tech
  • Age-friendly homes and communities; care homes
  • Safety in the home
  • Remote monitoring

2. Health Care and Health Service Delivery for an aging population

  • Detection, testing & diagnosis
  • Remote care and monitoring
  • MedTech devices for older adults
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Care management systems

3. Cognitive and Mental Health in ageing, Dementia

  • Prevention, detection, care and support
  • Living well with cognitive impairment
  • Digital therapies
  • Supporting social connections and engagement

4. Autonomy and Independence in older people

  • Assistive devices
  • Sustaining physical activity
  • Digital health for rehab, health and chronic conditions
  • Self-management & education programmes/tools
  • Financial health and wellness

Who can apply?

Are you company with a solution that resonates with the above healthy ageing priorities, has a credible evidence base, and could benefit from access to specialist expertise or markets in the UK or Canada? If so, please consider applying.

We are looking for innovative solutions that are at an appropriate stage of development (usually TRL 6-9), have a perceived or potential significant positive impact on a healthcare priority, resonate with local health and social care system’s healthy ageing priorities and are export ready.

How to apply?

Companies can apply for the Innovation Exchange and find out more information at:

The application form will focus on:

  •  The development potential, or market, for a proof of concept or innovation that can be realised by access to specialist expertise, or markets, in the UK/Canada.
  • Capacity to deliver your product or service in the UK/Canada.
  • How access to knowledge, expertise, facilities in the UK/Canada are an essential step in bringing your product or service to market.
  • How the innovation could improve health and quality of life outcomes for older adults in the UK/Canada.
  • Your potential requirements for market entry, e.g. likely space and facilities required.
  • The potential for economic or reciprocal health benefit to the UK.
  • Your international strategy and previous international experience

The competition is now open for applications and will close on 3 February.