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Free e-Learning module for healthcare professionals

Posted: 29th November 2019

Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is providing free CPD certified training accessible across England. This enables healthcare professionals to deliver physical health checks to patients with a serious mental illness (SMI), which contributes to reaching the 60% NHS England target. The e-Learning training:

  • Improves understanding of why physical health checks are important for people with an SMI
  • Identifies what is involved with a physical health check for a patient with an SMI
  • Demonstrates how to use the Bradford Mental Health Physical Review template
  • Increases staff confidence in delivering health checks.

People with a serious mental illness (SMI) are at risk of dying prematurely, in some cases 20 years earlier than the general population. Many of these deaths are preventable if conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular problems are identified and treated early.

The Bradford Mental Health Physical Review template and the e-Learning module have recently been updated to align with NHS England’s revised guidance on physical health checks for patients with Serious Mental Illness (SMI).

NHS England states that a least 60% of SMI patients need to have had their physical health checked against key indicators. These are:

  1. BMI
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Blood Glucose
  4. Blood Lipids
  5. Smoking Status
  6. Alcohol Intake

Ruth Wilson, Programme Lead for Mental Health, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN said: ‘’The template and e-Learning Module are available nationally and are completely free to use. The training only takes 30 minutes to complete and It will help CCGs meet their QOF targets.’’

Kate Dale, Mental Health Physical Health Lead, said:  The e-Learning Module is a valuable way of accessing vital training on the importance of delivering a specific Physical Health Check for people with Serious Mental Illness (SMI). The training includes reasons why people with SMI are at risk of dying prematurely and how we can prevent this.

The great thing about the training is it can be accessed at a time to suit each individuals needs in amongst clinicians busy schedules.”

Dr Oliver Sweeney, North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG Mental Health Lead and Partner at Crondall New Surgery said: “I found it very useful and relevant and I would recommend it to other health professionals.“

CCGS can access the free training here.  For  more information visit our Mental Health Physical Health programme page.