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Help for parents is a click away with the CATCH app

Posted: 25th February 2021

As part of our campaign ahead of this year’s Child Health Technology conference, today we focus on one of the innovators we are working with that develops solutions specifically designed for children. CATCH is an app that helps parents feel confident to find the right care for their children.

Founded by Dave Burrows in 2011, Damibu is a Liverpool-based digital technology studio dedicated to undertaking projects that provide a significant social value. They are specialists in preventative healthcare solutions, digital behaviour change interventions and technology to support modern service design in public sector organisations. The focus is information aggregation and delivery and they look to increase accuracy, trustworthiness and outreach of information.

The company has grown to be a leading provider of digital information platforms, in particularly to the health sector. Working extensively with public sector organisations using co-creation techniques, Damibu have established a reputation for innovative problem solving that gives great results for their customers and for the people they serve.

CATCH is a health information app for parents and carers from conception to aged five. It eases the sense of information overload by aggregating national and local information from multiple, trusted organisations, including NHS, NSPCC and RoSPA. All information in CATCH is approved by local experts.

CATCH is tailored to each locality and details of local support can be added to information articles, for instance information from breastfeeding support groups is linked to NHS articles on breastfeeding. This means users know where they can turn to straight away and local services can be utilised to their full potential.

Giving parents the right information at the right time supports them to give their child the best start in life. CATCH was originally created to reduce unnecessary A&E and GP attendances. However, it can also support other health outcomes including vaccination and school readiness, a notion supported by both professionals and users.

Visit the Damibu website to find out more about their solutions