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Locala Health and Wellbeing becomes first test site for wound care in the region

Posted: 6th July 2023

We are excited to announce that Locala Health and Wellbeing C.I.C has been selected as our test and evaluation site (TES) for the AHSN Network’s Transforming Wound Care Programme. Locala will become the first test site for wound care in the region aiming to improve care for patients with lower limb wounds.

Locala is a not-for-profit social enterprise, providing community healthcare services across Kirklees, Calderdale, Bradford and Greater Manchester. Locala provides healthcare services that are tailored to meet the needs of their local communities, with a focus on improving health inequalities. The organisation joins the programme as one of the five new TESs after a successful bid to secure funding for the improvement of their lower limb wound services.

The Transforming Wound Care Programme uses the evidence, learning and recommendations from the National Wound Care Strategy Programme. It aims to ensure all patients with lower limb wounds receive evidence-based care, tackling health inequalities and achieving:

  • Faster healing of wounds
  • Improved quality of life for patients
  • Reduced likelihoods of wound recurrence
  • More efficient use of health and care resources

In partnership with The AHSN Network we will be supporting Locala to improve their current lower limb wound services through focussing on three main themes: people, process and technology. These themes aim to support TESs in thinking about how training, workforce, pathways, data collection and new innovations can help drive evidence-based patient care.

Since joining the programme, Locala have already supported campaigns such as Legs Matter Week with their new mobile van, which has travelled around Kirklees to increase awareness of the hidden harm crisis in the treatment of leg and foot wounds and also offer support and advice for their other services. Locala’s Wound Care Team has also been using the van to visit Huddersfield Mission, aiming to increase engagement and provide more services to the homeless community and other vulnerable communities.

Find out more about where the mobile van has been and what services it has provided.

We look forward to sharing further details on Locala’s journey to improving their lower limb wound services through the Transforming Wound Care Programme on our blog page – keep a look out!