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Patient safety in partnership

Posted: 10th December 2020

The AHSN Network has made a significant contribution during the first year of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy. An update on its patient safety plan – one year on outlines the impact it’s had improving safety in hospitals, maternity and neonatal units, care homes and the community.

It also describes how AHSNs and the Patient Safety Collaboratives they host have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting programmes on tracheostomy safety and the use of pulse oximeters to safely monitor patients at home.

The report, ‘Patient safety in partnership: Our plan for a safer future 2019-2025’, was first published in September 2019. It sets out how AHSNs and PSCs will contribute to the NHS Patient Safety Strategy, through the PSCs’ work supporting the delivery of the National Patient Safety Improvement Programme and the AHSNs’ focus on accelerating innovation.

Natasha Swinscoe, lead AHSN Network chief officer for patient safety, said: “AHSNs and PSCs have a unique ability to connect people, and work at both system level and with individual organisations to capitalise on opportunities. Our response to COVID-19 for example was swift, agile and effective.

“We know there is a huge amount of enthusiasm and dedication for patient safety work, and through the Patient Safety Plan we look forward to exploring more ways we can collaborate with our many partners.”

Examples featured in the report include tools to spot and manage patients at risk of serious illness in hospitals and care homes, discharge safety bundles, and award-winning projects to support premature babies and their families.

You can download the AHSN Network patient safety plan at