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Rapid evaluation of health and care services - shaping a sustainable solution for the post-COVID reset

Posted: 2nd March 2021

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an unprecedented level and pace of change in health and care services, with rapid implementation of new pathways and service models, coupled with a dramatic shift to digital and remote provision. This triggered an urgent need to understand whether these major changes were indeed positive changes, or potentially harmful.

Watch our short film of Prof Mike Roberts, Managing Director of UCL Partners setting the scene for this work and articulating the challenges.

To gain further insight into the issues and potential solutions, UCLPartners led a piece of work as part of the AHSN Network Health and Care Reset campaign to explore how the system might prioritise and resource rapid service evaluations going forward, with a view to shaping recommendations that could help the system learn and grow for the future.

Read the full White Paper.