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Resources launched to help patients get the best from their medicines.

Posted: 20th January 2020

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN has launched a range of resources to raise awareness of the Me + My Medicines project and encourage patients to have the confidence to ask questions about their medicines with frontline NHS professionals.

Click on the image to view the animation

Me + My Medicines is a patient-led campaign that encourages better conversations between patients and their clinicians to achieve more effective, more appropriate and safer use of medicines.

The new resources include two videos and an animation. The animation explains more about the Medicines Communication Charter, a short guide that clinicians can use to support better conversations about medicines with their patients. One of the key messages the animation hopes to drive forward is ‘it’s ok to ask’ about your medicines.

The videos show patients’ experiences of using the Charter and explores how it has helped them manage their medicines better and have more effective conversations with their GP or Pharmacist.

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Carol Stevens, a patient from Leeds explains how Me + My Medicines has helped her, she said: ‘’I think before I started to have conversations with the GPs about my medication, I did get quite overwhelmed by it all…Me + My Medicines gave me confidence to have conversations with the professional people and to understand what I am taking, why I’m taking it if there are other options available… I learned to feel the benefit and to actually feel better.’’

Lucie Osborne, Programme Manager for the Me + My Medicines project at Yorkshire & Humber AHSN said: “These patient videos are a great opportunity to show the real-life impact that the Me + My Medicines approach has on people’s lives. We hope to raise further awareness of the campaign and provide patients with the confidence to approach their doctor and/or pharmacist around their medicines. The animation has been created to show patients that ‘it’s ok to ask’ about their medicine queries. This has been created collaboratively with patients and is based around The Medicines Communication Charter.

We hope the products we’ve created will help guide patients and the public to have a more empowered conversation around their medicines with their health professional.”

For further information about the project, please contact us.