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South Yorkshire Innovation Showcase

Posted: 23rd May 2024

Our South Yorkshire Innovation Hub – a partnership between South Yorkshire Integrated Care System (ICS) and Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber – is working with the South Yorkshire ICS to launch a new initiative.

The South Yorkshire Innovation Showcase seeks to grow the profile of innovation and research already happening across the region. Its aim is to recognise and celebrate the strength of our local health and care system by showcasing examples of good practice and sharing great ideas that could be scaled up to benefit our diverse communities.

We are asking you and your team to share your innovative practice or encourage your colleagues to share their great work by completing this brief Innovative practice form by midnight on 29th July. It should take about 10 minutes.

There are several important benefits to participating in the South Yorkshire Innovation Showcase by sharing details about your innovative approach including:

  • Recognition for you and your colleagues for excellent practice being delivered in the region.
  • An opportunity to network and strengthen relationships with key organisations in the region including health and care providers, academic institutions and industry partners. This may in turn lead to new opportunities for funding or professional development.
  • Contributing to create a culture of learning and innovation across our health and care system. By sharing examples of good practice you are playing an active role in helping to drive improvement in population health outcomes across South Yorkshire.
  • Greater awareness and understanding of your work across South Yorkshire, thanks to the opportunity to showcase your project/initiative at the South Yorkshire Innovation Showcase celebration event on Tuesday 24 September, with expected attendance from decision-makers and healthcare leaders.
  • The chance to learn from peers conducting similar work and understand where further improvements could be made to service provision.

Who can participate

All nominations should relate to the realisation of at least one of the four Bold Ambitions in the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership strategy, or represent a cross-cutting enabling theme:

  • Focus on development in early years so that every child in South Yorkshire is school ready.
  • Act differently together to strengthen and accelerate our focus on prevention and early identification.
  • Work together to increase economic participation and support a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy.
  • Collaborate to value and support our entire workforce across health, care, VCSE, carers, paid, unpaid. Developing a diverse workforce that reflects our communities.

We know that there are many high impact, innovative activities that are happening across South Yorkshire that might not align to one of the four Bold Ambitions. If you have an innovative project that you think should be celebrated and scaled up so that more people benefit, we are keen to hear about it through our open category.

Organisations and individuals across the spectrum of health and care are encouraged to contribute to the Innovation Showcase. This includes, but is not limited to primary care organisations, acute trusts, mental health and community trusts, academia, the VCSE sector, local authorities, combined authorities, public service providers (e.g. schools, police, fire and rescue) and other organisations which contribute to the wider determinants of health. These projects might also include industry partnerships.

Initiatives which are delivered in partnership across multiple organisations are also encouraged. In this instance, please complete the Innovative practice form on behalf of a designated lead partner, and make reference to the wider group of partners in the application content.

If you are involved in more than one initiative which aligns to separate Bold Ambitions, you are welcome to complete multiple applications relating to each respective project.

If you have any queries, please contact Andrew Woodcock

How to submit your initiative

To submit your initiative, please complete and return the Innovative Practice form by midnight on 29th July 2024 to

For full details of the Innovation Showcase please see the programme pack.

Have a colleague or team member who you feel is delivering excellent, innovative work in South Yorkshire? Please share this Programme Pack with them and let others know about this opportunity.