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Yorkshire-based innovator helps Paralympian to keep cool

Posted: 13th August 2021

Huddersfield-based Paxman is a family business that uses pioneering cooling technology to help cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy. 

Paralympian Antony Cotterill (from Huddersfield), who is unable to regulate his own body temperature, will be using Paxman’s ground-breaking medical cooling device in Tokyo to stop his body reaching dangerously high temperatures. The device will be incorporated in a bespoke cooling vest to help the athlete while competing.

Antony broke his neck after falling into a shallow swimming pool in September 2003. During rehabilitation, he discovered his passion and skill for wheelchair tennis and embarked on a successful career path. Following his Paralympic debut in 2016, he has once again been chosen to represent Team GB, this time at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Since the accident, Antony has been unable to sweat, which means participating in tennis matches could be potentially life threatening, especially with temperatures in Japan expected to average around 31°C in August.

The company became involved when Glenn Paxman, founder and Chairman of Paxman was approached by the manager of Antony’s tennis club two years ago to see if he could help with an innovative cooling solution.

Since then, his brother Neil Paxman, renowned as one of the UKs cooling technology experts, has developed the revolutionary breakthrough by designing a lightweight miniature cooling device, which attaches to Antony’s wheelchair. The pioneering technology circulates a coolant through a specially designed cooling vest, which he will wear whilst playing tennis.

Antony said:

The technology is incredible, and I cannot believe it has been designed especially to help keep me cool while I play. Without it my core body temperature would reach dangerously high levels during a match, which sadly could stop me from competing. I am now looking forward to representing Team GB this summer and cannot wait to get on the court.”

Glenn Paxman added:

Cooling innovation is firmly embedded in the Paxman family – both scalp and beer cooling – so Neil took these years of experience and research to make something bespoke that would help Antony compete safely in the Tokyo heat.  Jonathan Binder of our Design & Development team contributed to the project with the development of the vest, which Antony can wear comfortably during his matches.”

Throughout the development, the project has been supported by The Lawn Tennis Association and the British Olympic committee.

Please visit Paxman for more information

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