By developing a strong conceptual model, Healthcare Engineering has created a series of products, including SmartER, that revolutionise the delivery of front-line emergency medicine and changes the patient journey – from passive recipient to active contributor. Its solutions are designed to engage, empower and educate the patient during the many hours of waiting, creating extra time and space that benefits the patient and healthcare staff.

The challenge

When applying to the programme, the Healthcare Engineering team requested support regarding business and financial planning, funding and grant application strategies, sales and marketing techniques, guidance surrounding accessing local markets e.g. the integrated care systems, making connections with expert partners and understanding accessing procurement processes as well as legal support.

The programme

Healthcare Engineering received bespoke assistance during the programme to help with the innovation and development of its product – SmartER. Participants from Healthcare Engineering stated that the information they received was extremely useful. Healthcare Engineering attended the majority of events and workshops during the six-month accelerator programme and that they received information and guidance on building an evidence base for the product.

The impact

Healthcare Engineering has raised internal funding of circa £50,000 since the commencement of the programme in March 2019, partially because of the interest in the product that the Propel@YH programme has raised. Healthcare Engineering has secured one new research collaboration since starting on the programme, which it attributes directly to it, and has developed two new digital health products in the same timeframe, one of which Healthcare Engineering attributes directly to the programme. Healthcare Engineering took advantage of the signposting services offered as part of the Propel@YH programme and was connected with individuals and organisations that can further advance its product. Healthcare Engineering also collaborated with the International Federation of Emergency Medicine and clinical teams in Holland, Spain, Poland and the USA.

Adoption and spread

Over 2000 patients have used the product during the proof of concept and pilot stage before the programme started, with the potential patient reach now standing at 23 million patients per year in the UK and 1 billion patients per year globally. This spread is partially aided by Healthcare Engineer’s access to the programme and the assistance in development and analysis it has provided. Economic analyses funded by the YHAHSN show significant savings can be made to the NHS not just in terms of financial costs but also in terms of a better quality of patient care.

Plans for the future

They are in the final stages of developing the new version of their software which will be rolled out at Doncaster Royal Infirmary shortly. This will further build on the benefits of SmartER and help demonstrate to other trusts the positive impact of using the system. they are also looking at other healthcare settings which may benefit from using SmartER. Healthcare Engineering is also looking forward to the HSJ Partnership awards in February 2020 where they have been shortlisted in the Partnership category with the YHAHSN.