Scaled Insights is a custom AI solution that reads or listens to human speech and creates numerical-based impressions of the speakers’ personality, so they can be categorised and understood. This allows organisations to bridge their big data and consumer insights at scale so they can garner deep insights into new or existing patients or customers with very little interaction.

The challenge

During the application process, Scaled Insights outlined that they required support to broaden the range of conversations with healthcare professionals and academics. They also wished to fully understand ecosystem and networks within healthcare provision, as well as assistance with information governance, data security and achieving ethical approval for data studies.

The programme

Scaled insights received bespoke assistance in relation to the innovation of their product whilst taking part in the Propel@YH 2019 cohort and received useful information and advice to enable them to advance its product. This advice included guidance on building an evidence base for the product. Scaled Insights also took full opportunity to attend the majority of programme events and workshops.

The impact

Dr Stuart Flint joined the Scaled Insights team with expertise in designing research studies in the healthcare space in July 2019, as well as a further full-time employee joining in December 2019. Five research collaborations have been secured since starting on the programme, all of which can be directly attributed to introductions from the Propel@YH and YHAHSN team. Through Propel@YH’s signposting services, Scaled Insights were given the opportunity to present at the YHAHSN’s strategic board meeting as well as present at an NHSX event live in Leeds and virtually in London. Scaled Insights were also informed about funding opportunities available. Scaled Insights operated over 100 pilots of their product since beginning the programme, attributing 75% of these directly to the programme itself. The programme has also connected Scaled Insights with additional NIHR MIC’s including D4D, Cardiovascular and Mental Health.

Adoption and spread

It is too soon to calculate the number of opportunities Scaled Insights have provided to patients to benefit from their digital health technology, but this will be defined once feasibility studies commence with data collection, along with a calculation of savings to the NHS.

Plans for the future

Scaled Insights will continue to test and advance its product within the NHS, adding benefits to patients and clinicians with a view to fully roll out the service in the near future. Scaled Insights has committed to supporting a PhD studentship through the Advanced Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Leeds. Scaled Insights’ Canadian owners are looking to mirror some of the relationships and opportunities that have been created in the UK as an outcome of the programme, especially with the University Health Network in Ontario, Canada.