Meet our 2020 cohort

In October 2020 shortlisted applicants pitched their solutions to our assessment panel event and the final cohort of ten SMEs was announced at a virtual launch event on Friday, October 16th.

The 2020 cohort will receive bespoke advice, guidance and support from the YHAHSN team and the Propel@YH programme partners during their time on the programme.

A smart speaker for automated recording, transcription and summarisation of therapy sessions.

Remote monitoring of at-risk cirrhosis patients using wearables and an app.

A VR experience created to support Williams syndrome, supporting isolation, rehab mobility and mental health.

A technological solution addressing the health and wellbeing of perimenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal people.

An online food diary system which automates the diet tracking and analysis process.

A platform that supports early fracture diagnosis through x-ray images.

An AI-enabled accessible clinical assistant called Dora that can conduct an intelligent clinical conversation via a regular voice telephone call.

An AI face analysis app to measure real-time heart and respiration rates, oxygen saturation, stress level, blood pressure and atrial fibrillation risk.

A non-invasive, wearable wireless (using 2G network) sensor that predicts tissue health disease evolution using AI for clinicians to give preventive care, improve patient outcome and save care costs.

A pharmacy label and discharge summary translation system, that works across 11 different languages.

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Our 2020 cohort share how Propel@YH has helped their businesses to flourish