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Polypharmacy: Community of Practice


Here at the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN we are looking to set up a community of practice to start to unpick some of the challenges we all face when dealing with problematic overprescribing.

The idea is simple; bring together those with a passion to change the status quo around leaving people on meds they don’t need or want and gain the confidence to stop treatments that no one else has addressed for a while. By acknowledging barriers to deprescribing, from a patient and clinician perspective, in various parts of the healthcare system, we can support cross-system working, shared learning and ultimately improve health outcomes and quality of life. We will talk honestly around the challenges we face in different sectors and through collaboration we will realise that whilst the setting may differ; we have more similarities than differences and most importantly we already hold the capability to create change between us.


The agenda for this meeting will be very light to allow for lots of discussion and sharing of views. The first session we will give an overview of the AHSN Polypharmacy programme, the roll of a Community of Practice as well as clinician interviews to explore barriers and challenges with polypharmacy in clinical practice.

Future community of practices will have the agenda agreed by the group. We can make it whatever we want / it needs to be. If you have a particular topic you want to discuss with the group, please feel free to raise it.

Ahead of the Community of Practice it would be great if you could take 2 minutes to think about your own practice. Think about a situation you’ve found particularly challenging, or perhaps you have a success story you’d like others to hear about. Over the coming sessions we will invite participants to share these with fellow members and we welcome the groups thinking around them. No slides or presentations needed just give everyone a flavour of your past week. The idea is that we create an open forum for shared learning; a safe space to work through any problems you’re facing and a mechanism to share the wealth of experience that’s held within our system.

Key topics / Speakers for the first CoP will include:

• Prof Andrew Clegg- The challenges of Polypharmacy and the opportunity for the CoP

• You! One member, one voice. Collectively we hold more expertise than any individual expert.




Date: 16 November

Time: 13:00-15:00