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Medicines support to reduce hospital readmissions

Posted: - 22nd October 2020

Over £33m has been saved by the NHS in our region with community pharmacists completing over 14,286 referrals between April 2018 – March 2020 as a result of nine Trusts (eight acute and one mental health trust) adopting our Transfer of Care Around Medicines programme. 

The TCAM programme supports patients who have been discharged from hospital and may need extra help taking their prescribed medicines. This may be because they’ve had changes to their prescription, have started something new, or just need a bit of help to ensure they are taking their medicines safely and effectively 

 The programme ensures patients are referred through a safe and secure digital platform to their local community pharmacist when they are discharged from hospital. The initiative has shown that patients who see their community pharmacist after they’ve been in hospital are less likely to be readmitted and, if they are, will have a shorter length of stay. 

The TCAM programme has now ended and the AHSN isn’t actively involved with supporting the implementation of it in hospital trusts. 

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If we improve the information that pharmacists get, we can improve patient care and pick up any errors before patients are readmitted to hospital again.

Melissa Burnley, Service Development Lead, Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire

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