DigiBete is a multi-award winning, patient-led, clinically approved digital video platform designed to improve the lives of those living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). The self-management resources and platform have been developed to support patients and ease the growing burden on healthcare professionals. Co-designed together with clinicians and patients, DigiBete is available in 99 languages.

The challenge

DigiBete required additional support around real-world evaluation and clinical safety and the programme. In the application process, DigiBete requested support surrounding understanding of primary and secondary care as well as NHS Trusts and CCGs. The DigiBete team also needed assistance in understanding innovation funding streams, planning for the implementation of resources, accessing NHS funding streams, developing and testing pricing models, legal advice and support with IP protections when partnering with multi-national organisations.

The programme

Tailored guidance was provided to DigiBete, with focused and comprehensive sessions providing plenty of the information required regarding procurement and NHS structures. DigiBete reported receiving very useful advice and were signposted to an abundance of high-quality networking opportunities and introductions to support the development of the product. DigiBete attended 90% of the programme activities, which they reported they found very focused and specialist and not the kind of information or support they could find with other accelerators.

The impact

DigiBete has raised internal funding of £175,000 since the commencement of the programme in March 2019, partially because contribution that the Propel@YH programme has towards consolidating DigiBete’s position as a nationally recognised resource for Children’s diabetes care. DigiBete has created two full-time roles since the start of the programme, and although these are not directly attributed to taking part in the programme, DigiBete predicts that a further two full-time roles will be created within the next 12 months as a result of being part of the 2019 Propel@YH cohort. DigiBete has secured three new research collaborations since the start of the programme and directly attributed one of these collaborations to taking part in Propel@YH. They have also developed two new digital health products/services in that time with one of these directly a result of Propel@YH.

Adoption and spread

39,000 patients currently use DigiBete, with 5,000 of these patients having access to the service as a direct result of DigiBete’s involvement with Propel@Yh. DigiBete also has the potential to reach 4 million people in the UK and 415 million people worldwide. DigiBete is currently working with a global data analytics company as a result of the Propel@YH programme. DigiBete operated pilots of the service from five centres nationally since the commencement of the programme, with two of these pilots a result of the support of the YH AHSN in regard to evidence building and clinical safety. DigiBete has secured an additional three NHS contacts since March 2019, with one of these a result of Propel@YH. The service offered by DigiBete could offer the NHS a potential saving of up to £4,500 per child living with type 1 diabetes.

Plans for the future

The DigiBete team is working closely with the YH AHSN on the development of building the evidence base for the product and have received guidance and support throughout the programme to do this. DigiBete has agreed on funding with the YHAHSN to complete the evaluation. DigiBete looks to expand further to continue to benefit families with children with type 1 diabetes.


Propel has certainly proved to not be your average accelerator. Although all the useful support such as legal, business modelling and financial have been forthcoming, Propel have also delivered a very bespoke package of support tailored to the needs of our business. We needed additional support to look at evidencing our effectiveness and clinical safety and understanding the NHS Landscape. These challenges were met with a high level of support and guidance which has left us ready to move forward with the next phase of our journey. The mentoring was also personalised and every hour spent on the programme will make a huge difference in the long run to our business. Overall, Propel has provided us with lots of connections and conversations enabling us to fast-track through at least some of the barriers.

Maddie Julian, DigiBete