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Medicsen: Twelve months on

Posted: 12th November 2020

As we begin our masterclasses for the 2020 cohorts, this month is the perfect time to catch up with our 2019 cohorts a year after taking part in the Propel@YH programme. 

Medicsen provides a closed-circuit system for the intelligent management and treatment of diabetes, the world’s first non-invasive artificial pancreas, by combining a unique needle-free drug delivery (Smartpatch) with customised predictive and preventive mobile AI technology. 

We interviewed CEO and co-founder Eduardo W. Jørgensen to find out how the pandemic has affected the business and the most useful piece of advice they received during the programme. 

Please give us an overview of your business and the key changes you have experienced since taking part in the Propel@YH programme. 

Medicsen was founded to develop a non invasive artificial pancreas for diabetes, which main piece of innovation is a needle-free Smartpatch for painless drug delivery through the skin. Since taking part in the programme, our major challenge has been to overcome regulatory barriers by validating the technology in alive pigs.

Has your business been impacted by COVID and how has the pandemic affected you?

Yes, but generally in a positive way. Thankfully we were able to fundraise and keep growing throughout the pandemic. 

How many jobs, if any, have you created in your business since taking part in the programme?

We’ve managed to create two new roles since completing the masterclasses. 

How do you feel taking part in the programme benefited your business?

We learnt from key industry leaders on our potential future UK positioning, which was absolutely invaluable for us as we looked to grow the business. 

What has been your biggest success since taking part in the programme?

Our biggest success since taking part has definitely been conducting animal in vivo trials, and overcoming the regulatory hurdles of validating the technology as part of this. 

What was the most useful piece of advice you received from taking part in the programme?

To always plan for the worst in clinical trials!

What parts of the accelerator programme did you value the most?

The most valuable part for us was definitely the expert sessions and getting the face to face time with the partners. The range of partners all focused on different areas, so it was really helpful to have that support for the various roadblocks you experience as a start up.

What would be the best piece of advice you could give to this year’s cohorts? 

Push to get what you want and make the most of your time on the programme.

What is next for the business and what would you like to achieve over the next five years? 

We will finish animal trials and miniaturization to start with human trials in late 2021. Our vision is to eliminate the use of subcutaneous needles from the world.

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