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Medicspot: Twelve months on

Posted: 12th November 2020

As we begin our masterclasses for the 2020 cohorts, now is the perfect time to catch up with our 2019 cohorts a year after taking part in the Propel@YH programme. 

Medicspot offers digital healthcare technology and clinical services to transform primary care delivery. The team deliver optimised walk-in primary care via Medicspot stations, which are automated “health care assistants”. It has a network of stations across the UK, which include diagnostic devices connected with a video terminal capable of triage, diagnostics collection and remote consultation.

We interviewed Chief Commercial Officer Rahul Kapoor to find out how the pandemic has affected the business and the most useful piece of advice they received during the programme. 

Please give us an overview of your business and the key changes you have experienced since taking part in the Propel@YH programme.

Medicspot offers Arc station which is the only technology offering a remote examination and patient monitoring, including vitals, stethoscope and otoscope. Since completing the programme, we are challenged by the speed of adoption and sell, as well as a lack of awareness across the country

Has your business been impacted by COVID and how has the pandemic affected you?

Yes, but as a positive impact as we have seen an increase in demand since the start of the pandemic.

How many jobs, if any, have you created in your business since taking part in the programme?

During the programme, we didn’t increase the number of staff members. However, due to the increase in demand as a result of the pandemic we have since taken on five full-time employees. 

How do you feel taking part in the programme benefited your business?

The programme was a great platform to get us in front of various stakeholders and start conversations we potentially wouldn’t have had access to. 

What has been your biggest success since taking part in the programme?

Since taking part, we have now managed to begin selling into Clinical Commissioning Groups. 

What was the most useful piece of advice you received from taking part in the programme?

The most valuable piece of advice we got is just how important integration is.

What parts of the accelerator programme did you value the most?

Definitely the collaborative networking with other startups. 

What would be the best piece of advice you could give to this year’s cohorts?

Make the most of the advice given by the experts and be prepared to change.

What is next for the business and what would you like to achieve over the next five years? 

We will expand on our product, prove across multiple use cases in the UK and expand outside the UK.

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